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If you choose to do the Hunter/ Huntress Persona Challenge, ideally you should enter your information here on the yahoo groups:
upon joining this Guild.
 This is how we keep track of guild levels. 
 Everyone starts out as "Novice Hunter'.   
Please note--to enter your data, 
you will need to join the yahoo-group. 
 Everyone from every Kingdom  is welcome to join us!
If you have questions about this please email me-
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Special thanks as follows:
I borrowed heavily from Appledore's Golden Swan Criteria,  the Middle's  Hound Coursing College Charter as well as a bit from Artemisia's Hunt Charter. I've had help from alot of people as editors: Baroness Anastasia (my Laurel Mentor, An Tir), THL Samira (Hound Mistress of Midrealm and former An Tir Hunt Guild Mistress), Mistress Yaas (Artemesia) , Baron Eule (Ansteorra). 
DISCLAIMER: The Hunt Guild is a forum for research about hunting done in Period, 
not about modern day hunting of animals.   .

The  ultimate goal is to  help focus people on the big part of Everyday Life in our  Period: animals and hunting . So everything researched on Period Hunting Techniques is for Persona Development and personal knowledge. And of course, to explore another facet of Equestrian Arts, that of hunting on horseback. Individual Kingdoms are invited to form their own Chapters of the Hunt Guild. 

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